IPMN Continues Fight to Clear Billy Glazes' Name

Glaze current photo of Billy Glaze (2).jpg

IPMN recently filed our brief to the Minnesota Supreme Court seeking post-conviction relief for our deceased client Billy Glaze.  Mr. Glaze spent the last 28 years of his life and died in prison for crimes he did not commit. In his case, DNA testing was completed on over 39 items collected at multiple crime scenes.  Mr. Glaze's DNA was not found on any item. However, at two of the crime scenes, IPMN found DNA from another man, a known rapist with a history of rape similar to the cases for which Mr. Glaze was convicted. This evidence should have resulted in Mr. Glaze's immediate release from prison. Instead, he died while the case was being litigated. His dying wish was that IPMN clear his name.

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IPMN Expands Services in North Dakota

IPMN is excited to announce the expansion of our legal services in North Dakota.  Together with our partners at Fredrikson & Byron and Professor Steven Morrison from the University of North Dakota School of Law, IPMN will provide expanded legal services to inmates in prison in North Dakota, as well as federal inmates convicted of crimes in North Dakota. As there currently exists no organization in North Dakota providing legal services on behalf of those with claims of actual innocence, this partnership has the opportunity to lead to the exoneration of innocent people languishing in prison who would otherwise not be able to get their cases back into court

Attorneys from Fredrickson & Byron in North Dakota and Minnesota have committed to providing pro bono services to IPMN as we locate, screen, and litigate potential cases of innocence in North Dakota. Professor Morrison has volunteered to lead law students at the University of North Dakota to investigate cases as well as litigate cases. With the assistance of these talented volunteers, and with IPMN in the lead, the hope of finding and correcting cases of wrongful conviction in North Dakota is strong..

Fredrikson & Byron is a nationally recognized full-service law firm with a strong commitment to pro bono service across the country and has offices in Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota.

Professor Steven Morrison teaches all criminal law courses at the University of North Dakota Law School and practices regularly in federal criminal court.