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The Innocence Project of Minnesota is working hard to keep the innocent from being convicted and to free those already wrongfully imprisoned but we need your help!  Spreading public awareness, encouraging volunteer assistance, and raising donations are important ways you can help fight these injustices.  By hosting an educational and fundraising event in your community, you can provide the meaningful support so necessary to our cause.

The following tips will help you host a successful educational and fundraising event.  If you need any additional support or simply have a question, please email us at


Invite the Guests

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Start by making a list of guest to invite.  Your list can include anyone in your social network including friends, family members, and co-workers.  Keep in mind that the goal of your event is raise public awareness. This means you should consider inviting a large group that includes people who may be unaware of the issues surrounding wrongful convictions.  Because scheduling difficulties will prevent some people from attending, we advise inviting twice as many guests as you want to attend.

Planning your event shouldn’t become a burden so ask some close friends to share some of the responsibilities. Encourage them to invite their own friends too.

A phone call remains the best way to make sure your guests will show up to the event.  However, social media and email are great ways to remind people as the date approaches.  After making the initial phone call, follow up with an email.  Also consider creating a Facebook Event, sharing the event on Google Calendar, or emailing a digital invitation using Evite.

In the final days before the event, follow up with your guests to get a final count of how many people will be attending.  By directing your guests to visit before the party, they will arrive prepared to contribute to a meaningful dialogue about wrongful convictions.


A simply way to educate your guests is to lead a discussion about a book. The Minnesota Innocence Project maintains a list of Books About Wrongful Conviction.  By clicking on a book’s cover you can read a synopsis or review and purchase the book from  A portion of all books sold on Amazon through our site will be donated to the Innocence Project of Minnesota.

Remember that when hosting a book party, your guests will need time to purchase and read the book before the party. Plan accordingly and let your guests know they can buy any book directly from our website.

Showing a movie at your event is another great way to educate your guests.  A full list of movies can be found on our Movies About Wrongful Conviction Page.  By clicking on the image of each movie you can watch a preview and read a synopsis or review.  Again, will donate a portion of any purchase made on through our website to the Minnesota Innocence Project.

If you would like to have a speaker attend your party, please contact the Minnesota Innocence Project and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements. You can either reach us at

Select the Content


As your event is winding down you’ll want to let your guests know what can do to make a difference.  During this conversation you can circulate an email signup sheet for anyone who wants to receive news and information about upcoming events.

Please let your guests know that any donations will make a meaningful impact on our ability to free the innocent and to reform a criminal justice system that permits such injustices.  Guests can donate online or by filling out and returning a donation sheet that you can download and distribute at the event. You can also create your own crowdfunding website to benefit IPMN by clicking here.

Please return the email signup sheets and any donation pledges to the Minnesota Innocence Project.

Innocence Project of MN
1536 Hewitt Ave., MS-C1973
St. Paul, MN 55104

Alternatively, you can scan these documents and email us at

Sending your guests a thank you letter or email for attending and contributing. The Innocence Project of Minnesota will also send a thank you note to those guests who were generous enough to make a donation.

After the Party